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Our Benefits


Listening to music is a form of effective communication that provides both an intellectual and emotional experience.

Scientific evidence shows when music is played it has a positive effect on how our brain functions, improving mental and physical health, cognitive skills and emotional resilience.  There is so much evidence now, that it is irrefutable that being involved in music, in any way, can help boost our immune system, help us to relax and invoke a sense of well-being and calmness.

The NHS routinely recruit music therapists and practice the discipline across all age groups including children, people living with dementia and those with learning disabilities.  The simple joy of listening to music and singing along seems to stir positive emotions in everyone.  At Carousel we have seen and continue to see the evidence every day, and we instinctively knew the impact of music, but it's nice to be proved right!


Group music and singing sessions can help to banish loneliness and improve overall psychological wellbeing - the question now is, 'why wouldn't you introduce music and singing as often as possible?'

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Through the release of endorphins, music has been proved to:

​• reduce anxiety & depression

• relieve stress

• improve self-expression and social skills

• increase motivation

• boost cognitive performance

Some examples of our activities are listed below.
These can be adapted to create a bespoke project to suit your needs. 
The activity benefits are not achieved in isolation, as all our activities have cross-over elements.

Activity - Ice Breakers

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The AIM: to get to know each other

The ACTIVITY: Call and response, plus body and vocal warm-ups using correct breathing, posture and relaxation techniques

Activity - Pulse & Rhythm

Untitled design (10)_edited.png

The AIM: To improve co-ordination & control

The ACTIVITY: Gentle movement exercises using tuned and untuned percussion instruments.

Activity - Themes & Genres

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The AIM: to evoke memories & create talking points

The ACTIVITY: Gain a wider understanding of different cultures and generations’ perspectives on music.

Celebrate special occasions such as Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Festivals.

Our fun, interactive, adaptable sessions are designed to suit the individual needs of the participants

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