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WOW! What a Show!

What an Amazing Fundraising Showcase from our Super Stars Ormskirk Group.

We raised an incredible £438.06. I couldn’t be prouder and honoured to be a part of this group. Thank you to everyone who came to support us, donate raffle prizes and raise much needed funds

A Big thank you to Derek and Jenny who gave us the church for free, Janet for supplying teas and coffees and much more and her wonderful son Andrew who sang a solo representing our Southport group.

Our team Directors Kate Mitchell Claudette Girvin and admin volunteer Victoria, Celia Wardle-Robinson and Trish Wood for always supporting me, Jenny for helping out as a volunteer activities Co-Ordinator at the last minute, Peter Long from Court Yard cafe in Skelmersdale for taking pics, videos and being a great support.

I’ll add videos to this post very soon.

Last but not least thank you so much to my group for my beautiful flowers and for always wanting to help me set up and de-rig without me ever asking. You really are The Best! and much appreciated

Our next project is going to be a music theme around the Circus can’t wait!!

Ormskirk Adults with Special Needs group meet every Friday 2pm - 4pm Church House, Church Street, Ormskirk and Southport every Tuesday at Lord Street West Church Hall 1.30pm -3pm

For further info contact Caroline 07970 896943 Email

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