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The Benefits of Singing

Anyone who has been to one of our choir sessions knows how good they feel when they're doing it and when they've finished, but why is that? Michael Mosley, the journalist, presenter and former doctor shared a podcast which explained what is happening in our bodies when we sing.

It seems that just singing naturally releases a whole host of 'happy hormones' such as dopamine and endorphins which make us feel great! Not only do we feel good, but behind the scenes our immune system is being boosted, with research showing that singing can lead to a reduction in chronic inflammation, which in turn enables our immune system to work more efficiently and fight off infections.

In England, right now, there are clinical commissioning groups who are referring people with chronic pain to choirs, rather than to hospital. So, alongside lowering blood pressure and anxiety levels, boosting self-confidence and reducing loneliness, we can add reduction in chronic pain too.

Time to sing from the rooftops..... you owe it to your body!

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